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As told by Mr. Onyait Michael, a butcher man at Majengo cell, Soroti municipality,

‘’ I started my butchery business here in Majengo cell after noticing that there was high demand for meat in Soroti municipality; my big problem was lack of enough Capital to help me run my business; but after hearing from some of my friends that there is financial institution called LANTERNS MICROFINANCE LIMITED that lend money in form of loan to rural poor and business communities in eastern region and they are based in Soroti municipality, I took my time to visit them at their office located at Pamba Cell at Arriet house opposite Soroti municipal secondary school. I managed to meet with the loan officer who explained to me the terms and conditions, requirements, the lending procedures and terms of payment. Of which I found that it was pocket friendly. I then acquired loan of five hundred thousand shillings only (500,000/=) from them.

Now, my business is running well. I can now slaughter four goats in a day and I am able to supply different restaurants in Soroti municipality every day in both morning and evening time. I make quiet a lot of money depending on the sizes of goats I do slaughter in a day. With this my business is running without any problem and I am now able to meet my daily needs comfortably and even able to repay the loan as I am required by the organization’’.

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