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As told by Mr. Okiror Peter, a farmer at Oderai Cell, Majengo Ward, Western Division, Soroti Municipality;

‘’I started dealing in supplying agricultural output to agricultural output produce dealers in Soroti Municipality, but this time round my major problem was lack of enough money to help me weed my hectares of maize Garden. But after I heard about LANTERNS MICROFINANCE LTD; I visited their office at Pamba Cell Soroti Municipality and I applied for an emergency individual Agricultural loans; of which my application was approved as quick as possible and the loan disburse to me immediately, this loan has helped me to weed my maize garden and now my maize are doing well and I am expecting high yield this time. Part of this loan has also helped me to run my piggery project successfully; Now am supplying pigs for slaughtering to butcheries around Pamba cell Soroti municipality and I also have twenty (20) piglets which are now ready for sale of which now am earning a monthly income of approximately UGX 3,500,000. Out of this income am able to pay for school fees for my children and repay the loan as am expected to pay by the Loan committee of LANTERNS MICROFINANCE LTD.